Happy New Year! 2015

Well well! Happy New Year to you!
2014 was a creative year. I did a lot of Vending in the Spring and Fall with Clover Market and with the Creative Alliance. I also worked with ArtStar again-WOW do I love them!

Look ahead to 2015: I have decided to cut-back on Vending events and work more on painting and other art for myself. After about 5-6 years of non-stop vending events it is time to give myself a chance to create some work for future shows. More so, to make things for myself and to learn about painting. I strongly believe that you learn by doing.

So with that said, I hope to return to ArtStar for the big Spring 2 day event and perhaps their winter show-(I had SUCH a great time with them.) I also might do a local event here and there. Not having to travel too far makes everything easier.

As for Commissions and selling art- YES YES & YES! More please! I love doing commissions-from painting, pet portraits, pet memorials, jewelry, assemblages-you name it. I am happy to work with your budget and create something very special for you. Contact me here: JANE-MAIL

And finally-I will be stocking up Fleckenstein Gallery with more jewelry and prints.

In-between all of this? I will be teaching at the University and working and sharing the work that I do.

You can find more of my work on this blog:

Thank you again for following me!