J a n e  A n n  W y n n

Jane Ann Wynn (born December 30, 1969) is an artist spanning a broad spectrum of media, notably assemblage, collage, jewelry, sculpture, fiber, printmaking, drawing, painting, and photography. Her work is characterized by the curious juxtaposition of found objects, utilizing vintage imagery and distressed treatments, suggestive of elegant decay and dignified decrepitude. Her overarching philosophy is that "Every discarded object has a right to be celebrated." She frequently recycles found objects in unusual and often bizarre ways, for example by creating an opulent pincushion from a doll's head.

After earning her MFA from Towson University, she taught fine art there until 2002, when she established Wynn Studios, based in Baltimore, Maryland, with her husband. She teaches at workshops all over America and writes books detailing art techniques. She teaches fine art in various community colleges in Baltimore County. She maintains a constellation of Web presences, and has appeared on television and Internet radio to illustrate her unique techniques. She has participated in dozens of exhibitions at galleries nationwide.